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Through aThink, you can earn points, money etc. in many ways. Which is very simple and interesting.
Like sharing a link to your friends and acquaintances.
By putting study materials, instructions, pdf documentation, video etc. related to any appointment on the aThink. Please see the following:

    If a user arrives at the think website via your referrer link.    1 Points
    Or your referrer code enters registration at the time of registration.    1 Points
    If an user came on aThink by your link first time, after which he registered the website.    5 Points
    Add any educational material or information related to new vacancy, questios, ebook etc. but it should be new for aThink. After verification by aThink you will get points.    1 Points
    After registration, if the user becomes a premium account user for any program then you will get Rs 200 by him.    Rs 200 

The points earned above can be used to become a premium member for any program. In addition, you can also convert points to Rupee, which will be subject to change charges.